Art Sedrakyan, MD, PhD


Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, NY
Lead, Science and Infrastructure Center
International Committee and Stakeholder Council Member, MDEpiNet


Dr. Sedrakyan is a Professor of Healthcare Policy and Research and Cardiothoracic Surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College where he directs a patient-centered comparative outcomes research program. He is a trained CT surgeon and a graduate of Johns Hopkins University with Ph.D in Health Policy and Management. He was a senior adviser for the FDA, and had appointments as Senior Service Officer and Senior Advisor at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) from 2005 to 2009. He was a lead advisor on interventions (including surgery), implantable devices and cardiovascular and orthopedic content areas, an initiator of the Effective Healthcare Cardiovascular Consortium and supervised two centers for Education and Research in Therapeutics (CERTS); Cardiovascular CERT and orthopedic Device CERT. He has registry research, evidence synthesis and teaching experience from Royal College of Surgeons of England and London School of Hygiene (LSHTM), where he served as a faculty and was Senior Adviser for National Collaborating Center for Acute Care.

He is currently serving as the Vice-Chair of Medicare Evidence Development & Coverage Advisory Committee, and the Vice-Chair of the IDEAL initiative with the special interest and leadership area in devices. Dr. Sedrakyan is the initiator and principal investigator of the FDA’s International Consortium of Orthopedic Registries (ICOR) and International Consortium of Cardiovascular Registries (ICCR).These national and international initiatives aim to advance the infrastructure for comparative effectiveness, regulatory science and surveillance for orthopedic and cardiovascular medical devices. The efforts are based on distributed (federated) models. The ICOR brings together over 30 orthopedic registries that contain information on millions of patients undergoing device based surgery worldwide. The ICCR initial project brings together over six international registries devoted to trans-catheter valves.