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The MDEpiNet Public Private Partnership is composed of the FDA and world-leading academic organizations, healthcare organizations, medical device industry partners, patient groups, and the regulatory industry.


Coordinating Center

The MDEpiNet Public Private Partnership uses core centers with expertise in each area. Select a tab to view more information about each center,  center members, and link to the institutions.











Committees are composed of members from world-leading academic organizations, healthcare organizations, medical device industry partners, patient groups, and the regulatory industry. Visit the respective Committee page to learn more about each committee and view a list of current members.

Executive Operations Committee (EOC): coordinates operational leadership across the three MDEpiNet Centers and core committees.

Scientific Oversight Committee: oversees, facilitates, and coordinates the proposals, progress, and deliverables of the Disease-based Working Groups, and recommends prioritization of resources to the EOC.

Stakeholder Council: provides strategic oversight, including high-level input from a wide range of stakeholders.

International Committee: Provides international expertise and input into methods and infrastructure development.

Stakeholder Engagement and Sustainability Committee: solicits feedback from the medical device community to ensure broad stakeholder participation and input into development of a value-based plan for long term MDEpiNet sustainability and growth.

Publications Committee: recommends topic selection priorities to the EOC, and subsequently coordinates topic meetings and related programs, and co-authorships and related matters for white papers or other cross-cutting publications that stem from the joint efforts of the collaboration.



MDEpiNet is part of the Epidemiology Research Program (ERP) at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH). The FDA supports the development of the program with the expectation that it will ultimately becomes a self-sustaining, independent Public-Private Partnership between the FDA and participating partners. Since its inception in 2010, FDA has invested in fellowships, contracts, and grants to support scientific efforts and partnership development. The enthusiasm generated by this endeavor has spurred excellent scientific output and has attracted world-renowned thought leaders in the field to actively participate in what is seen as shaping the future of epidemiology and surveillance of medical devices.

FDA MDEpiNet Committee Members

Marinac-DabicDanica Marinac-Dabic, MD, PhD, MMSc
Director, Division of Epidemiology, MDEpiNet Principal
Ben_EloffBen Eloff, PhD
Senior Scientific Program Manager, Division of Epidemiology, MDEpiNet Program Manager

G. PappasGregory Pappas, MD, Ph.D
Associate Director for National Devices SurveillanceCo-Chair, MDEpiNet Scientific Oversight Committee

Murray_SheldonMurray Sheldon, MD
Associate Director for Technology and Innovation
Member, MDEpiNet Scientific Oversight Committee

Nilsa-Loyo-BerriosNilsa Loyo-Berrios, PhD, MSc
Associate Director, Division of Epidemiology, Office of Surveillance and Biometrics
Member, MDEpiNet Research and Publication Committee

person-placeholderAndrew Farb, MD
Medical Officer, Division of Cardiovascular Devices

Daniel_CanosDaniel Caños, PhD
Associate Director, Division of Epidemiology

person-placeholderJose Pablo Morales, MD
Medical Officer, Division of Cardiovascular Devices

Yelizaveta-TorosyanYelizaveta Torosyan, MD, PhD
Health Scientist, Division of Epidemiology

person-placeholderMarta Steliac, MSc
Health Science Administrator. Division of Epidemiology, MDEpiNet Project Manager


Accomplishing MDEpiNet’s mission requires resources, skills, and expertise from a variety of partners, including other government agencies, academia, health care industry organizations, and patient and consumer groups. The Public-Private Partnership supports an open, transparent space for addressing issues that apply equally to a range of regulated medical devices. Development of new analysis models and fuller understanding of devices in this collaborative environment will promote innovation of medical devices while maintaining competitive interests.

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please email MDEpiNet@med.cornell.edu


Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

American College of Cardiology: National Cardiovascular Data Registry


Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health

Cardiovascular European Research Center (CERC)

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

Duke Clinical Research Institute

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Harvard Medical School Department of Health Care Policy

IDEAL Collaboration

Johnson & Johnson

Lahey Helth

MedTech Intelligence



Northgate Public Services

National Center for Health Research

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)


Phillips Innovation and You

Society for Vascular Surgery Patient Safety Organization (SCVS)

The TMJ Association, LTD.

Weill Cornell Medical College