Vascular Implant Surveillance & Interventional Outcomes Network (VISION) CRN

Development and History of the VQI CRN

VISION is a partnership between the Vascular Quality Initiative(VQI) and MDEpiNet that directly supports the mission of the VQI to improve the quality, safety, effectiveness and cost of vascular healthcare by collecting and exchanging information.  Formed in 2010 by Society for Vascular Surgery Patient Safety Organization (SVS-PSO), the VQI is an AHRQ-listed Patient Safety Organization (PSO) consisting of regional group of  physicians, data managers and quality professionals who collect and exchange data on vascular procedures for the purposes of improving patient care.  The VQI has approximately 600 participating centers across the United States and Canada and contains more than 600,000 records, with approximately 8,000 new records entered each month. Each record contains over 140 clinical covariates including demographic, procedural and outcomes data from the patient’s initial hospitalization and at one-year follow-up. The VQI data describes patient-level risk factors, provider and hospital-level procedural detail, and patient-centered outcomes such as ambulatory ability, living status, and patient-reported outcomes.  For more information, including up-to-date publications, participating centers, and procedures captured, please visit

Beginning in 2015, VISION has linked VQI registry data to Medicare claims. VISION is an extension of the VQI that brings together stakeholders from regulatory agencies, device manufacturers, patients, physicians and payers to enhance the registry data with linkages to Medicare, commercial and NY State All Payer claims data repositories to generate linked datasets that combine the clinical and technical data contained in VQI registries with long-term, generalizable follow-up from Medicare.

Objectives of the VISION CRN

  • To support the mission of the VQI to improve the quality, safety, effectiveness and cost of vascular healthcare using enriched VQI data.
  • To facilitate low-cost, but high value real-world effectiveness research though the creation of a national repository of linked clinical-claims analytic datasets
  • To measure safety and efficacy of vascular devices, including predictor and comparative effectiveness studies; the impact of provider characteristics on device outcomes; health disparities related to device use and outcomes; and the impact of medical practice guidelines and healthcare policies.

 Governance – Current Status

The core team led by Drs. Art Sedrakyan and  Phil Goodney is responsible for updating linkages, generating Medicare-derived outcomes variables, quality assurance checks of matched datasets, and day-to-operations.

A Steering Committee with representatives from the VQI, medical device industry, and the FDA sets the strategies and priorities of the organization. The VISION Steering Committee is composed of an Executive Council, a Data Core, Research and Publications Council and five device-specific vascular procedures. The Steering Committee was formed in 2019 and meets quarterly .

Use of VISION data is governed by specific Data Use Agreements (DUAs) between Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM), and the SVS-PSO. Data is kept on a secure server at Weill Cornell Medicine, Science and Infrastructure Center. Projects are approved by the VQI Research Advisory Committee and by the VISION Research and Publications Council.


Work Plan

The VISION project is focused on 3 main activities:

  • Generation of Registry-Claims datasets: each year we review, update and refine our algorithms for identifying late events in Medicare claims and update the datasets with the most current year of Medicare claims data available. Most recently, we have updated our algorithms to include ICD 10 codes and cost variables.
  • Research: Our team uses the datasets to examine the long-term effectiveness of vascular procedures and disseminate findings through presentations and publications. (See recent publications below)
  • Feedback reports: generation of center-specific Cost, Surveillance, Reintervention (CSR) Reports to provide feedback to participating VQI Sites and industry stakeholders on key performance indicators to help improve the care provided to patients with vascular disease. (See sample report below)





Sample Cost, Surveillance, Reintervention (CSR) Report


Current Events:

VISION Annual Meeting at FDA



For more information, please contact the VISION Project Manager Kayla Moore:

Jack Cronenwett, MD









Philip Goodney, MD, MS



Art Sedrakyan, MD, PhD
Pablo Morales, MD

Danica Marinac-Dabic, MD, Ph.D