Use of patient-reported outcomes in the context of different levels of data

Journal Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, American Volume
Authors Rolfson, Ola; Rothwell, Alastair; Sedrakyan, Art; Chenok, Kate Eresian; Bohm, Eric; Bozic, Kevin; Garellick, Göran
Year Published 2011
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There is increasing interest in measuring patient-reported outcomes as part of routine medical practice, particularly in fields like total joint replacement surgery, where pain relief, satisfaction, function, and health-related quality of life, as perceived by the patient, are primary outcomes. We review some well-known outcome instruments, measurement issues, and early experiences with large-scale collection of patient-reported outcome measures in joint registries. The patient-reported outcome measures are reviewed in the context of multidimensional outcome assessment that includes the traditional clinical outcome parameters as well as disease-specific and general patient-reported outcome measures.