Regulatory warnings and use of surgical mesh in pelvic organ prolapse

Journal JAMA Internal Medicine
Authors Sedrakyan A, Chughtai B, & Mao J.
Year Published 2015
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In 2008, the FDA released a warning about the use of transvaginal mesh in pelvic organ prolapse repair procedures, advising all surgeons to seek special training in mesh implantation before using it in their own practice. A second warning was released in 2011 describing complications following mesh implantation as “not rare” and suggesting non-mesh pelvic organ prolapse repairs. This study used the New York State SPARCS database to look at trends in transvaginal mesh use since the second FDA warning in 2011. Use of mesh in pelvic organ prolapse repair decreased from a 30% rate of use in 2011 to a 23% rate of use in 2013, reflecting a change in practice in response to the second FDA warning, and a total of 22 physicians ceased mesh use altogether.