Stakeholder Engagement and Sustainability Committee

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The Stakeholder Engagement and Sustainability Committee (SES) is chartered by the EOC to develop a strategic planning document that outlines activities to facilitate broad and balanced participation by a wide range of stakeholders.  The SES will specifically compile and track a listing of medical device ecosystem stakeholders currently engaged with the MDEpiNet PPP, and the primary values related to that involvement.  In parallel the SES will also identify key stakeholders who are not yet engaged with the PPP, and develop related outreach strategies.  In addition the SES will create a sustainability plan to ensure that MDEpiNet activities and deliverables provide clear business value to engaged stakeholders.  This will include definition of what constitutes MDEpiNet PPP “member” status, rights and privileges. The initial MDEpiNet financial sustainability plan will balance membership value with operational costs of maintaining the PPP.  The plan is expected to include membership funding options as well as development of contingencies for budget surpluses or deficits. The SES Committee will report directly to the Executive Operations Committee.



Elisabeth_GeorgeElisabeth George (Co-chair)
Philips Healthcare, Andover, MA


Pam Plouhar

Pamela L. Plouhar, PhD (Co-chair)




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