Scientific Oversight Committee

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The Scientific Oversight Committee (SOC) is the convening and facilitation body for the Disease-based Working Groups. It is charged with

1) reviewing and approving Disease-based Working Group proposals,

2) overseeing Working Group roadmap implementation plans, and

3) and identifying strategic priorities for think tank and other collaborative meetings and manuscript development.


Membership in the SOC includes a broad range of individuals, representing the scientific community (from academia and industry) and regulatory agencies (U.S. and International).  By charter, leadership of the SOC rotates among the membership, and individuals with conflicts of interest are recused in the review of specific proposals.


SOC responsibilities center around convening, facilitating and overseeing the Working Groups.  These responsibilities include (but, are not limited to) the following:

  1. Review project proposals including review of the needs of and resources available in each field, and convene Disease-based Working Groups for approved projects;
  2. Review and provide feedback to each Working Group on its Roadmap and progress reports, with specific attention to the alignment of objectives with the MDEpiNet mission, the practicality of the implementation plan (including access to resources, leadership, expertise and timelines for deliverables), and the expected impact of specific proposed deliverables;
  3. Address Working Groups needs together with the EOC and Business and Finance Committee through collaborative interaction across MDEpiNet Centers; collaboration with international partners; and collaboration with stewards and owners of common sources of data;
  4. Submit a quarterly advisory report to the Executive Operations Committee that addresses the common strategic priorities, progress, obstacles, solutions, and needs of the Working Groups. This report will include an assessment of the effectiveness of each Working Group, as well as recommendations regarding high impact areas for public-private collaborative funding.


  1. Annual feedback reports to the Working Groups, with specific suggestions for achieving strategic priorities;
  2. Quarterly advisory report for EOC regarding both the operations and needs of the Working Groups, as well as their overall progress toward the strategic vision of the MDEpiNet collaboration.



JesseBerlin_HeadShotJesse Berlin, ScD (Co-chair)





Christina Mack, PhD, MSPH (Co-chair)





Art Sedrakyan, MD, PhD




AmyHelwig_HeadShotAmy Helwig, MD




School of Public Health Deans, Administrators and staff
Larry Kessler




David KongDavid Kong, MD, AM, FACC, FSCAI




Michael-MackMichael Mack, MD, FACC




Murray_SheldonMurray Sheldon, MD




1_Tcheng_photo1James Tcheng, MD




Roseann White, MD



klos_photoKatherine Klos, MD




nowellBenjamin Nowell, PhD