Abdominal Core Health CRN

Development and History of the Abdominal Core HealthSM CRN

Millions of hernia operations are performed on a yearly basis across the world to improve patients’ abdominal core healthSM.

Many products (i.e. meshes, fixation devices, adhesives) are used in the care of these patients, often in an off label fashion.  These products and techniques are designed to last the lifetime of the patient.  Despite this, there is no effective surveillance of these products to ensure maximal effectiveness and minimal harm-especially when considering subpopulations.

This initiative attempts to fill the knowledge gap given an ineffective post market surveillance system in the United States and other countries.

Objectives of the Abdominal Core HealthSM CRN

Establish a coordinated network capable of addressing clinical questions and surveillance of techniques and devices important to the maintenance of abdominal core healthSM.

Harmonize collection of abdominal core healthSM data by identifying and maintaining the common key variables important to patients and patient outcomes.

Governance – Current Status

AHSQC Board of Directors consisting of recognized leaders in the field.

AHSQC Executive Council consisting of the AHSQC Board of Directors, industry leaders, and the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Work Plan

Perform pilot evaluations for data integration combining registry data with administrative data.

Develop patient reported outcomes sensitive to long term, low rate, serious complications after hernia repair.

Develop a common set of core variables in concert with international partners.


For more information, please contact MDEpiNet partner AHSQC Foundation through AHSQC Medical Director Mike Rosen (rosenm@ccf.org), AHSQC Director for Quality and Outcomes Ben Poulose (benjamin.poulose@osumc.edu), or the AHSQC Privacy Officer Nicole Goddard (nicole@ahsqc.org)


Benjamin Poulose, MD MPH





Mike Rosen, MD





Danica Marniac-Dabic, MD PhD MMSC




Sedrakyan-Dabic-200Art Sedrakyan, MD PhD




Nilsa Loyo-Berrios, PhD MSc




Ajita Prabhu, MD





 George Gibeily, MD





Karen Ulisney, MSN, CRNP