Building Global Real World Evidence Collaboratives for Health Technologies

The Medical Device Epidemiology Network (MDEpiNet) is a global public-private partnership that seeks to advance the collection and use of real-world data to improve patient outcomes. MDEpiNet brings together stakeholders from across the health ecosystem to develop and improve real-world data infrastructure, and carry out studies to better understand how devices perform in the real-world.

MDEpiNet has taken a lead on the development of Coordinated Registry Networks (CRNs) as set out in the National Registry Taskforce (read JAMA Perspective below). The list of the currently developing CRN is listed in the box on this page below…

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Featured Projects


The Vascular Implant Surveillance and Interventional Outcomes Network (VISION) Initiative aims to develop a U.S. national device surveillance network in the vascular device space.

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There is a growing demand for evidence that better reflects the patient experience during routine care. Registries can help meet this demand by collecting data on real-world patient care.

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The Registry Assessment of Peripheral Interventional Devices (RAPID) project is focused on devices for peripheral arterial intervention as an archetype of the envisioned TPLC ecosystem.

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Current US CRNs:

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